Different Skin Types

First things first…

For sunbed tanning you MUST know your skin type. Tanning works differently for different skin types. Some people may have never stepped foot in a sunbed and not tan in a 12 minute sunbed where as others can do three minutes and burn straight away.

Our bodies have the natural ability to produce melanin (pigmentation) and that determines our skin type. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes.


Remember whilst you are tanning your skin may appear darker, it does not and cannot change your original skin type. If your skin type is Type 3, it will remain Type 3 no matter how much you tan.

People with skin Type 1 rarely tan at all.


Skin Type 1


  • always burns easily and severely. then peels – never tans, very fair skin, red or blond hair and freckles (unexposed skin is white)


Skin Type 2

  • burns easily, tans minimally or lightly and peels, usually fair skinned (unexposed skin is white)


Skin Type 3

  •  burns moderately, tans eventually (unexposed skin is white)


Skin Type 4

  • burns minimally, always tans well (unexposed skin is white)


Skin Type 5

  •  rarely burns. always tans readily (unexposed skin is brown)


Skin Type 6

  •  never burns, tans profusely (unexposed skin is black)




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