Servicing, Re-Tubing and New Lamps

Sunbeds in a salon which is abiding by its guidelines and safety procedures will be serviced and re-tubed.



This should happen daily or every other day. Servicing involves taking the bed or stand apart to make sure its kept clean inside and out and also to check for any technical faults.



Like any other bulb sunbed lamps and can lose power and need changed. You may feel that the sunbed you use a little less warmer than usual, this is probably a result of low bulb energy and probably will need re-tubed (changed).

This can also affect you the opposite way and bed can become a lot warmer and brighter than usual as a result of having new bulbs. You should be informed by your salon assistant that the bed has been re-tubed and take the advise given to reduce your minutes.

Trust me, just because you are in for less time does not mean you will not tan as much – as the bulbs energy and power is stronger it will work out the same if not a little bit more even with reduced minutes.


BhpjG4HIAAAJTeV.jpg large




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