Safety, Tips & Law

How old you need to be

In the UK you must be 18 to use a sunbed, and you may be asked for ID, so make sure you take your ID with you if you’re lucky enough to look younger than your age!

What to wear

Before going to a tanning salon it’s a good idea to decide whether you’d prefer to tan in your underwear or if you’d prefer to tan completely in the nude. This is entirely your choice, but there are two points to remember. If you’re going to wear underwear, think about your tanning lines and what they’re going to look like, and thus plan your underwear choice accordingly (you could always wear your bikini if that’s easier). If you’re going commando, it might be a good idea to protect your most sensitive parts, such as nipples and genitals, because the skin is more sensitive and could be more prone to burning (you definitely don’t want to burn there-ouch!).


Eye safety

Please never start a tanning session without goggles, this is so important. Merely closing your eyes on a sunbed isn’t enough because the UV rays can still penetrate your eyes through the thin skin of your eyelids and cause serious damage to your retina and eyesight. Not just any goggles will do, and sunglasses don’t work as a suitable substitute. They must be goggles made specifically for sunbed use, because they will have the proper UV protection to safeguard your eyes. You can buy your own personal pair, or some sunbed shops will lend them to you for free, or other shops might charge you a small fee to hire them. However you get your hands on them, NEVER forget those goggles.

Tip: You might sometimes find goggles swimming in a bowl of liquid at the front desk and wonder what that liquid is. It’s a cleansing solution, and a good sign that your sunbed shop cares for its customers.


If you’re on any medication

If you are taking medications or natural supplements you should research if they are capable of causing a photosensitive reaction, and adjust tanning times accordingly.


Moles, Large Freckles and Birthmarks

Sometimes the salon assistants can provide small plasters, sticky’s or other forms of sticker to cover areas with large moles etc.


Be aware the bed might have been on before you.

A busy salon means for extremely warm beds. Just like re-tubing (see re-tubing and servicing blog) this can have negative effects to your tanning and could burn as the lamps do not need as long to warm up, thus resulting in BURNS. Usually on your bottom..

Its the same with not so busy salons, you can up your minutes so the bed can warm up. Usually salons offer a FREE two minutes if you are the first user to warm up the lamps.



This is the most important rule of all!! I have had plenty people collapse from heat exhaustion or lack of hydration. Please take a bottle of water with you at all times just incase.



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