Beds, Tanning Creams & Accelerators


When it comes to Sunbeds on their own there are MANY to chose from.

The biggest manufacturer of sunbeds and most reliable make is that of MEGASUN

They have standard beds which do range in heat via the Alpha Series where there are 7 in the range. They are classed as ‘classic beds‘ which provide plain and simple tanning.


You also have the Omega Series which are more advanced than the Alpha but do the same classic bed job. Think of it like a upgrade in iPhone


The Collarium Range sometimes referred to as the COLL-TAN gives skin an added boost of collagen. There are also Sport Collarium Sunbeds which are specially created for athletes.



As well as laying down you can also chose to stand up by using The Tower sunbed stand. This allows you to cover areas which may not see the UV light such as under the bottom/breasts and your underarms.




Luxura Sunbeds are also another make of sunbeds and aim for luxury features, the highest comfort, plenty of space and a great tanning result. The X10 is the queen of the Luxura product range. Undoubtedly eye-catching and breathtaking in its design, this beauty also fulfils every promise! 52 tubes and 4 facial tanners ensure a glamorous tan.







Luxura V7 is very much like the mega sun Tower just slightly more powerful.




Theres the Luxura Matrix V28 which has been voted the worlds best high pressure vertical stand. The V28 has an amazing total power of almost 20000 watts. As little as 3 sessions on the V28 can give an excellent natural looking tan.

HOWEVER VERY WARM KIND OF UNBEARABLE AT TIMES especially if its been constantly used.


Matrix V28-3.jpg


The Matrix Glammy L18 is the same however the lay down version.






The Solarium X6 is another high pressure stand like the two above. The X6 has 10 times the tanning power of a conventional sunbed so if you are looking for a deep, dark tan then this can be achieved after 2 or 3 sessions on the X6. And, once you have achieved your tan, only 1 or 2 sessions on the X6 a month is needed in order to maintain it.





Creams and Accelerators


Tan Accelerators

Using a tan accelerator will maximize the results of your tanning session by giving a deeper tan with less time spent on a sunbed. They DO NOT stop you from getting a tan.

Alot of people tan DRY. This will not help at all. Using a cream actually helps the UV rays absorb quicker into your skin. Just make sure you use a high quality accelerator, because some brands are simply moisturizing lotions that are able to call themselves tan accelerators on the premise that moisturized skin tans better.

A good tan accelerator that actually does what it should will contain ingredients that stimulate skin to tan faster, such as L-tyrosine, as well as ingredients that your skin needs to produce a better, deeper tan more quickly whilst combating UV-induced free radicals, such as vitamins, carotenoids, and antioxidants.

Tanning salons should have levels beside their creams – if not usually go by the price, the more it is the more likely they are to be higher level.

Top Tip – sometimes lotion for men is the better option (all you lucky guys!) As men tend to have much tougher skin the lotion tens to be a higher level – you will smell very manly !


Tanning Creams with Bronzer

Some accelerators contain bronzer (aka fake tan) which kick-starts your colour and results in a beautiful golden-hued tan. However, make sure it is evenly spread and rubbed in until gone and dry otherwise you will be left with a hot streaky mess!


Tanning Gelee Creams

These creams will feel and look almost like gel and they are quickly absorbed by your skin alot quicker than normal lotions. Thus resulting in quicker acceleration.


Tingle Creams

A personal favorite of mine.

These lotions are formulated with Methyl or Benzyl Nicotinate, two ingredients that can bring more oxygen into the skin and increase melanin production in your body.

These will make your skin VERY WARM and VERY RED, for about half an hour or so.

Do not put this on your face, sores or good bits. Remeber to wash your hands after with a wet wipe. DO NOT wash them at the sink and DO NOT go for a shower until the next day. The reaction the cream has with water will enhance that lovely red look you will be wearing and also the temperature.

Remember you can get tingle creams which also come with bronzers, for example: Go Dark. So remember to rub in all the lotion.


Dual Soothe

Also branded as ‘sport’. Exactly the same as the tingle except it alternates between being really red and hot to being really red and cold.

Take the safety tips from the tingle too.


Creams with added Hemp

Creams with Hemp oil – just the same as normal accelerators but with a little bit of an earth aroma to them.


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