My Tan Progression Session 1

It’s all very well and good telling you how I tan, it would so much be better if I show you right?

I purposely didn’t include a section in the home page based on PRICES because every salon, every bed and every company will have a variation on prices and deals.

I myself go to an Indigo Sun Chained Salon.

P1010040 (1)

I have a block of 60 minutes for £36 

and the cream I will be using through my progression is Go Dark Tingle cream which has a small bronzer.


I will be alternating between that and Australian Gold Gelee Bronzer. 


Each time I visit the salon I will be going for 10 minutes on a plain and simple classic megasun bed.


At the moment my skin looks like this and I am a skin type 4

(see blog on main page about Skin Types) 


Date taken 23/03/17

By the end of April I will be a light brown colour, 

By the End of May I will be a golden brown colour

after that I will be maintaining as my skin has not got the ability to go any other colour  after that apart from RED! 

After my sunbeds I usually leave a good 2 hours before moisturising because I use a tingle cream.

When I do moisturise I use Australian Gold, Hemp Nation After Sun.


Keep up to date for my progress.


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