My Tan Progression Session 2

  • 24/03/2017

It was a glorious Friday afternoon at 2pm.

Who remembers why timing is important for sunbeds?

Yeaaaah, it’s because of the amount of users each sunbed will have.


Depending on how busy your salon is: ON AVERAGE

  • 10am – usually a good 4-10users
  • by the time  2pm rolls by your talking 30+
  • Evening time woaaaaah!! 50-100 people could have used the bed before you (potentially)


Either way beds are always hotter the later you go. It is always best to check how busy the salon has been or when the last person was to use the bed your about to jump on.

For me someone had just came off the bed I was about to go on, they had done 4 minutes so I was ok with jumping straight on it. If someone had battered out 12-17 minutes before me I would reduce my time  by 2-4minutes.


Anyway, away I went into my plain and simple classic mega sun bed for 10 minutes.

Using this wonderful tingle cream with light bronzer: GO DARK


I then left it until bedtime to moisturise (sadly for Friday I couldn’t bare watching the car crash that was red nose day so that was 9.30pm) and I used the Australian Gold Hemp Nation.

I literally lathered this stuff on!



People always ask me do tingle creams hurt.

Yes, yes they do but its not an excruciating pain you get when you fall or break a leg. Its a (funnily enough) tingling sensation.

Have you ever had sunburn? It’s very much like that !

You go very red, very warm and it feels a bit like pins and needles for 30 minutes tops!!
I will post a photo with what it looks on my skin soon ( I have no mobile so its a tiny wee bit difficult to catch it)

For now here is a good example of what it looks like *note these are not my legs *


Don’t be scared!! its not that bad! I can remember by first tingle experience. I was really young, I was at HOT! tanning salon in Maryhill Glasgow and I was 18 so pretty young and thought I knew what cream to use. Lathered this lotion all over (including my face) jumped on a bed and came off and sorry for my language but I SHAT IT!!

To my untrained eye, I had done the bed wrong, got sunburned and was soooo embarrassed to leave the room. However, what I learned was that it was the effects of a tingle cream.

Can I just say, NEVER put a single drop of tingle cream on your face.

Or you will look like a really bad looking tomato.

Wouldn’t put it on your good bits either!


Anyhoo, I digress – Here’s my colour after sunbed number 1.



So far the time line looks like this.






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