My Tan Progression Session 3


  • 26/03/2015

Sunday afternoon around 4pm

I headed to Heat Wave in Inverness – a salon owned by Indigo Sun
Had to buy a new block booking which was £36 for 60 minutes, if I had waited another week I would have got a deal and 75 minutes for £36 but hey ho!

10 minutes on the bed and a GO DARK cream as usual (see previous posts to keep you upto date with all the info on the cream)

Plain and simple bed again, nothing out of the ordinary.
It was also a glorious sunny day so I got a little bit more than I asked for from the sunshine which is rare.

I also found out I won a JOB LOT of sun bed accelerators/bronzers/tingle creams and after sun all for £42 quid (£10 postage)

Check this out.



Looking forward to reviewing these for you all!

Honestly that’s about £260 – I urge you to check out eBay lads.


Here’s how the tans looking:




My tanning timeline now looks like this






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