My Tan Progression 4 & 5

Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently, swamped with work but it hasn’t stopped me from tanning.




I decided to walk to the sunbeds as it was a glorious summers day (in the highlands of the North of Scotland) who knew summer was here eh?

I had my tingle cream with me GO DARK but wanted to get a cream for my face so I wasnt walking back with a red raw face.


I bought this Australian Gold Sol Struck Bronzer for a 10 minute bed.


It was a thin consistency and was a light peach colour, smelled like peaches too.

I popped it on my face and had some left over so put it on my chest.

I noticed that through out the sunbed little beads that looked like rolled balls on lint or dirt appearing on my skin. I sometimes describe what this is by saying the cream looks like its curdling.

Basically this is what happens with a thin cream when you lather too much on and the heat does not dry it up quick enough.

Ways to get round this = apply less.

My own fault, I just wanted to use it all up.

The smell was nice, a bit strong but nothing sickly and the bronzer was a good colour on my face.

I rate the cream a 6/10.



10 minutes with GO DARK

I noticed a rapid colour on my legs.

Pictures soon!
Tan Progression



Tan Progression So Far:



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