Progression 5-8 and My Big JOB LOT

I have finally finished my block booking and my bottle of GO DARK and have been going to the sun beds for 10 minutes every other day through the month.


So far I have a decent tan of a I’d say 5/10.


But fear not a new block booking of minutes is on the cards and YAAAY!! MY JOB LOT ARRIVED!!

Just look at all of this! 17901910_10155108953516031_201873145_o

I reckon all this above is worth a good £300-£400!

They even threw in some sunshots which I was NOT EXPECTING!! BONUS!!
I got it for……………………. £32.50 plus £9.99 postage!!!

This is wild!!! I cannot wait to review all this for you starting Wednesday!

I have some bronzers in there, tingles, sun shots and after sun galore, I am like a wee kid at Christmas.

Majority of the creams are a make called ProTan which I have bought before so hoping they all do me justice.

If my calculations are correct this JOB LOT could last me two years. Where to begin?

Meet me back here on Wednesday to find out.


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