Last Minute Fake Tan

Sometimes, I am a little bit of a cheat.

I have been sun-bedding for a month and a half now and I’m sure when my holiday comes round I’ll blend in with the furniture but with a 3 day rave coming up – the cheat codes are revealed!!


With half a bottle of my go to fake tan left – this wee gem (which I totally recommend – please scroll back to see my blog on it)



and with a face like this…


I wanted to marry myself up a bit. So popped the remaining on, left it to dry till the next day.  A little bit browner.

I came across this: £4.99 in primark and a £2.99 for the mit.17888078_10155127363986031_867831686_n

its a mouse based fake tan and I was sooooooo skeptical – cause ITS PRIMARK YE KNOW? CANNA BE THAT GOOD!!
Well see for yourself……


a wee bitty orange no?


Wee rinse


Im ok with this for a fiver from primark.


7/10 🙂

Please scroll back and see my earlier bloggs on fake tan and stay tuned for my after pics of me through my weekend to see the full effect 😀



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