Legs Have It & Incredibly Black


This is a gelee based lotion designed especially for your legs. Your legs are notoriously the most difficult part of your body to tan because of the thick layers but this will penetrate deeply.


Consistency wise this looks a bit like orange honey – smells of nothing really and rubs in well.

It also has a tingle built in which is nowhere near as warm as it should be but for people easing into tingle creams I would recommend.

For an experiment I popped some on my arm to see if it made any difference – IT DIDNT so if its the only cream going you can pop it everywhere apart from your face and good bits.

Rating 5/10




Incredibly Black

Like its sister cream ‘Unbelievably Black’ (see previous post) this promises the same results but half as dark – this would be the level 1 with Unbelievably being Level 2.

It has a lovely smell of marzipan and gives a nice even tan all over.

Subtle added bronzer but would rather pay an extra couple of pence for its sister cream.

Rating 6/10


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