Stunningly Bronze and Pyronic Blaze

Stunningly Bronze

I started off with the pro tan 10x then used 25x then I saw this one 50x.

Smells like vanilla cheese cake and a bit of ben and jerry’s cookie dough ice cream!

It lives up to what it says not as good as incredibly dark though in the Pro Tan range.

I would say though make sure when you apply make sure you rub in well as when I applied it to my legs first time I had a few streaks.

It also comes off like fake tan and is a bit ‘bitty’.

a 5/10 for me.




Pyronic Blaze

With a name like Pryonic blaze and with it being a tingle – you expect this to blow yer bloody doors off.

It didn’t…. it simmered like a broken hob on a council cooker.

Smells awful too – like deep heat.



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