Bodaciously Black



Ok … so this has to be the oddest cream out there!

Forget your tingles and dual soothe creams – this one is a bit weird.


I was in a local hairdressers which also owned a sunbed, before getting my roots done I thought – oh a sunbed, might have a wee one whilst I wait – picked up a sachet of this stuff – had seen it was ProTan and knew I would be safe since I knew the brand.

I was wrong, so very wrong.

This will teach me to READ THE LABELS!!

This cream is a normal accelerator promising 50x dark tanning results…. and how?

Well it has a bronzer, as do a lot but this one has its bronzer in the form of tiny tiny little balls (almost like granules of sugar) through the cream. Once the balls have been rubbed in they burst and bronzer is formed and you just rub that in too… easy peasy….

HOWEVER…the bronzing balls can go streaky best to use plastic glove or mitten and really work it in. I did also find that the balls of bronzer are not homogeneous with cream so it does seperate leaving an uneven tan.

I’m sorry ProTan – you let yourself down with this one.




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