I am going to sound like a naggy old mum here but please remember to look after yourself if you chose to use sunbeds.

Over the short time I have been working along side tanning I have seen SEVERAL people faint, experience heat exhaustion, pass out for a very long period of time, burn severaly, be sick, become light headed and even as far as passing out in a stand. Ambulances have been called, numerous bottles of water have been given and plenty time bans have been put towards clients accounts – so please LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

Here is a list of MUST haves to have with you when visiting a sunbed salon (some may seem silly but its always best to be prepared)

  1. bottle of water – salons will have no problem letting you re-fill it if you run out and normally salons will sell bottled water anyway if you forget.
  2. take something salty and something sweet- when dehydrated or say for example you experience heat exhaustion – having something salty really helps balance out your levels after drinking water – you are loosing an a lot of salt too via sweat. This could be as easy as a packet of crisps or small packet of salted peanuts. Something sweet can be as easy as a packet of glucose tablets.
  3. Goggles – usually salons have these but if they dont – please get your own – £1 for a pack of 3 from ebay – eyes need protecting – your eyelid skin is so thin!
  4. After sun lotion – tiny little hand held bottles usually do and are bag friendly – just in case you come off a little bit redder than usual.
  5. A small face towel – obvious reasons
  6. a hair bobble and facial wipes.
  7. a spare t-shirt – tons of times I find people coming into salons with layers and layers of clothing on and then pop ALL the clothes back on – bring a spare t-shirt or even a hoody to pop on later and ditch the heavy clothing – if its freezing outside – take your time leaving the salon – make sure you hydrate and cool down before popping your layers on.
  8. KNOW YOUR LIMITS – this goes without saying – don’t push your body and skin – ITS NOT WORTH IT

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