Recap On Lotions

So you have realised the benefits of indoor tanning for gaining more vitamin D especially in our not so sunny climate. So how do you get the BEST tan possible?… LOTIONS!

Now this is where we know it can get a bit confusing with all the different types of lotions, for example bronzers, tingles and accelerators to sun shots and extenders! Don’t worry – in this blog post we will be giving you the LOTION LOW-DOWN and telling you exactly what each of these words mean so that you can choose the right lotions for you!

We will start off with…

Basic Accelerators – Basically lotions are designed to rapidly decrease the amount of time it takes to achieve a sun-kissed tan. So accelerators ENHANCE your tan. A basic accelerator is great if you are a beginner tanner with very pale or sensitive skin. Many of these have great anti-aging elements in them like CoQ-10. If you have especially dry skin, look for an aloe based formula with moisturizing hemp seed oil in it. A fabulous level 1 tanning lotion can be seen in the form ‘Dark Tanning’ at just £13.99 a bottle this lotion is perfect if you are just starting out and want to achieve a better visible tan.

Premium Accelerators and Maximisers – Like the basic accelerator this enhances your tan but on a more extreme level. These lotions are perfect for the experienced tanner to keep a deep dark tan.  These premium lotions provide maximum tanning energy. A perfect example of a great Level 5 lotion for maximum results is HOT! At £39.99 a bottle.

Bronzers – Now we are onto bronzers. Everyone loves a little bronze in their life don’t they? Well if you love being bronze then a UV lotion with added bronzer is the one for you. There are two types of bronzer, the immediate and delayed. The best thing about bronzers is they have the best of the regular accelerators as well as containing active ingredients to give that instant bronze look with a long lasting colour. They also continue to develop after your tanning session – yay! Remember to make sure you apply bronzers evenly you don’t want any nasty patches!  A fantastic bronzing lotion is Level 2 Cheeky Brown for just £19.99 a bottle.

Tingles– Tingle lotions give your skin a tingling sensation after applying. Why is this? It is due to the lotion bringing the blood to the surface of your skin to that it can boost the effect that the rays have. The lets you get a deeper and darker tan much quicker. So if you are an experienced tanner and looking to gain an extremely dark and deep tan then this is for you. Tingle lotions aren’t recommended for those who have sensitive skin. Our favourite tingle lotion is Heated (Level 4) this provides you with a beautiful and noticeable glow. See for yourself for just £22.00 per bottle.

So there you have it. All you need to know about Accelerators, Bronzers and Tingles.We hope that this post will help you the next time you are in a dilemma over what lotion to choose!


Happy Tanning,


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