How To Make Your Spray Tan LAST LONGER

We have all been there, rocking a gorgeous spray tan and we hate the thought of it ever leaving us *worst*. We have 7 simple tips on how to prolong your spray tan! Happy Tanning!

The longest-lasting tan starts before you even get to the salon!

Start exfoliating the night before (or 3 days – if you have time). Wax and shave 24 hours beforespraytanningmyths.


Arrive at the salon prepped and ready to go!

Shower and exfoliate about 8 hours before this is to ensure your skin takes the spray tan on evenly and creates a great base for the spray tan to last longer.


Choose your clothing wisely…

Even though our very clever spray tan booths actually dry you after the spray tan session – we still advise that you were loose fitting clothing just to make sure you don’t rub off any of the tan (it’s precious you know)


MoisturisersDon’t be deodorant happy!

Make sure you wipe off deodorant or even better don’t put any on before you plan to have a spray tan. You don’t want the deodorant to act as a barrier – no sir!


 Underwear lines are worse than bikini lines! – FACT

We don’t want your tan possibly being affected before you have even enjoyed it… so choose underwear that won’t affect your tan!


Moisturising is key…

Keep your skin moisturised in order to see a longer lasting tan. But avoid oil based moisturisers as  this could melt away the tan (Oh no!)

Use a tan extender

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your tan then Tan Extenders are the product for you. Make your spray tan last that little bit longer with a MYTan extender.


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