You gotta start somewhere right? In this blog post I REVEAL the secrets of tanning s you too can have a tan that is the envy of all your friends… Read on to find out more…


Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate… For all types of tanning sun or sunless the skin must have the best base possible. This is so the tan can look at its most gorgeous and last even longer. Exfoliating gets rid of all that icky dead skin


Healthy mind, healthy skin… Hollywood is the tanning capital of the world and those Hollywooders know exactly how to keep their tans in tip top condition. Starting from the inside out the professionals say that if the skin is healthy the tan will look more natural and will fade perfectly. They advise to drink A LOT of water (bottled water available in our salons) eat lots of fruit and vegetables like spinach and rocket for example. These veggies keep the lysine levels high (The active tanning ingredient DHA works better when your Lysine levels are high)


All about the base… tan. The base tan is the secret to achieving that ultimate glow! So according to the professionals it can take up to TEN sessions for the average person to develop a great base tan. Better get started and get a glow before you gooooo.


Move ya body… Make small adjustments in your body position while you tan… Don’t lie completely still while tanning but move your arms and legs slightly to maximise exposure to all parts of your body


Be a fan of the fan… Use the fan Remember heat does not mean that you will tan better. It might make you look redder. The tubes on sun bed have been designed to run at an optimal temperature. Running the bed too hot will result in a drop in performance of the tubes, and therefore your tan will suffer.


This is just a snippet of a professional tanners top tanning tip secrets… Stay tuned and please RE READ THE PREVIOS BLOGS



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