Trinity XS

  OH MY GIDDY AUNT THIS IS … HANDS DOWN – THE STRONGEST TINGLE I HAVE EVER HAD WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING!   The girls did warn me and being a tingle user – I went in and was raring to me – MAKE ME GOLDEN!   Tingle creams (please go back to previous post) […]

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Bodaciously Black

  Ok … so this has to be the oddest cream out there! Forget your tingles and dual soothe creams – this one is a bit weird.   I was in a local hairdressers which also owned a sunbed, before getting my roots done I thought – oh a sunbed, might have a wee one […]

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Beautifully Dark

  A ProTan product which is just an normal accelerator with a slight added bronzer. This cream is a pleasant thick consistency, smells like Shea butter and is packed with Aloe Vera – for colour its not the best but if you have extremely dry skin then this cream is a God Send! I have […]

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Supre Tan: Tan Candy

This is a tingle cream which was on offer at a Sun Set Beach Salon in Glasgow City Centre.   It was about £1.60 odd and in a very tiny sachet. It smells horrific – I thought it smelled like sick to be honest but what it lacks in smells it makes up with tingle. […]

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Pro Tan – Incredibly Dark

Well at first I thought – it’s a step down from the previous protan cream I have used so surely it will not be as affective.   Beautiful smell – almost like vanilla and of course has a tint of bronzer. This cream is a must have! It’s cheap, its a great accelerator and has […]

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