Recap On Lotions

So you have realised the benefits of indoor tanning for gaining more vitamin D especially in our not so sunny climate. So how do you get the BEST tan possible?… LOTIONS! Now this is where we know it can get a bit confusing with all the different types of lotions, for example bronzers, tingles and accelerators […]

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You gotta start somewhere right? In this blog post I REVEAL the secrets of tanning s you too can have a tan that is the envy of all your friends… Read on to find out more…   Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate… For all types of tanning sun or sunless the skin must have the best base possible. […]

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Nearly Time…

Well I started my mission from Pale to Tan just over 2 months ago and time has certainly gone quick! I leave for Spain in 3 days so I suppose you can expect the tan game to be even stronger but so far here are a few photos of my progress. the journey continues after […]

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I am going to sound like a naggy old mum here but please remember to look after yourself if you chose to use sunbeds. Over the short time I have been working along side tanning I have seen SEVERAL people faint, experience heat exhaustion, pass out for a very long period of time, burn severaly, […]